Payment Gateway Services for Tech Support


Tech Support Payment Gateway While many online payment gateways excellent support options are rich still want to  spend any time comparing? This article explains how to determine the best choice of  payment gateway for your online business. A payment gateway is an important  part of any online business, and select the right service provider can have a huge  impact on your business website. The payment gateway is an important part of any online payment transaction. We offer payment gateway services for tech support process to online support worldwide in the minimum load 24/7 from our experts to overcome any problem, if you face. We specialize in providing merchant account provider offshore with bad credit to trader’s medium and high risk in order to improve your business. Payment gateway is a device connected intermediary’s online payment and banking processes any card / debit card transaction credit given. A payment gateway helps make money. It is important to choose a provider of professional payment gateway for your online business. Sometimes people get confused with the payment gateway merchant account, the goal are two different things. Plugs merchant account that larger olefins or allowing you to accept credit cards and payment gateway software process is the only web application that yours or mobile phone in the process. Payment gateway websites business integrity is a good way of accepting payment for products or services online by offer. This ensures the online business owner that year remains fully call to keep paying customers without problems.

Contest Payments is a leading payment gateway services providers based in India. Payment Gateway Provides technical assistance to merchant account and payment gateway services for high risk businesses with a variety of payment methods for the Indian market and the U.S., including payment by credit card , card debit and more. Summary: – A payment gateway decides the future of your business and if you have a tic support is more important. So, go for a better provider payment gateway for tech support companies.

Ecommerce Payment Gateway Services


We all know how fun it is to shop online without having to leave the comfort of your home. But behind all this is a huge investment of time and efforts of businesses who sell products and services online. An e-commerce payment gateway Provider is a medium that allows you to purchase your products and services online around the globe. And this also means that it allows businesses to have customers buy their stuff without the hassles that a traditional business would have come up with. Isn’t the thought of this great especially for generation that has seen World Wide Web growing and giving us the convenience we always desired?

Well, so what all is involved when we talk about payment gateway services ?

First comes the Security, Customers buying stuff from a traditional market have the opportunity to safeguard their transactions themselves. But that‘s not how the online systems would work. So the first thought coming in every customers mind is to know if the money and debit/card credentials they will be using online is safe or not. International payment gateway providers ensure the safety of your personal information going over the web so that you can make safe and secure transactions from your debt/credit cards.

The level of fraud detection within gateway payments really depends on the seller. High risk retailers must make sure that their e commerce processing gate way is using outstanding fraud detection applications. E commerce processing portal sites contain detailed reporting of actions which allows retailers to monitor and handle all payment processing tasks. Complete audit trail of each transaction that streams through an e commerce processing gate way ensures payment processing ethics.

Payment Gateway for High Risk Business portals are made to shield online retailers, with superior custom created processes to identify the difference between fallacious shoplifters and actual shoppers. High threat e-commerce processing portals supply strategic administration and client support instruments to assist retailers to save establish policies for taking and rejecting trades, also legitimate transactions that look fishy.

Not to forget is the Speed – When customers find things of their interest online, they get too excited to purchase it right away. So why make your customers wait to make a purchase?  Payment gateways ensure that the customers are given a quicker and convenient interface to buy stuff online as compared to face to face transactions.

What more do you get with these payment gateways?

Most of the payment gateways in India come bundled with shopping cart software that can help business customers to save their searches, compare different product costs and much more. This makes it more convenient for the customers and businesses to buy and sell products across the globe.

With internet being the core necessity of our lives, we are able to view business offerings and customer reviews from any part of the world. And with the integration of high risk payment gateway solutions, the life has become heaven as we can spend without having to worry about our critical information being misused.

Payment Gateway for Pharmacy


The most vulnerable part of e commerce is providing secure payment gateway services to your customers. Using a reliable payment gateway is a fabulous asset to your business that facilitates the transaction from customer’s account to merchant’s account. If you are running a pharmacy online you would need a payment gateway for pharmacy for easy, convenient and secure check outs for your customers.

Protecting your Customer’s Transactions – The Process

These payment gateways are usually accompanied by eCommerce shopping cart software’s. The shopping cart software is used before the high risk payment gateway kicks in. This software allows clients to load their shopping cart with their chosen commodities by selecting the size, colour etc. The shopping cart application server afterwards adds transportation and taxation and totals the goods amount. At this point, the consumer may also input shipping and billing information.

Subsequently the shopping cart was submitted, the pharmacy payment gateway encrypts the data, gathers the credit card number, and sends it towards the credit card processor which approves or decline the payment. This provides a seamless interaction to your clients, as they’ll not even need to find out the information provided has been sent over the payment gateway.

Secure and Convenient Payment Gateway for Online Pharmacy

There are three important components to get a payment gateway service for your online pharmacy. The very first thing the gateway does is to authorize repayments and guarantee that the card use is valid and good. This will give a safe link for you, the purchaser, and also the credit card processor. A response can be given by a payment gateway services in an average of 2 seconds.

Also, all day small and big card transactions are grouped together by these pharmacy payment gateway services and settle them into single transaction to the merchant’s bank. The payment gateway for online pharmacy also facilitates merchant to review the transactions and download them for quicker processing.

Payment Gateway for Tech Support


We all know that web is the future for businesses and the top most method to look for deals and offers is over the web, and with time people have accepted this. The only dilemma among people is that since the World Wide Web is a definite digital medium, real money doesn’t have significance onto it.

Tech Support services for payment Gateway

Well, International Payment Gateway for tech support business is the solution for this problem. International payment gateway’s may be of two types, the first is swipe system in which an individual only swipes his card via an integrated machine and payment is instantly made in the account whilst another type is what the majority of companies select for specially if they’ve a customer base situated overseas. The process therefore needs an encrypted interface via a committed ‘POS’ (Point of Sale Terminal). The payments are secured by the encryption. Most websites have an e-pay facility to take the advantage of second payment method. The Gateway providers for tech support make sure that the payment gateway is integrated in a secure and fail safe manner to process convenient online transactions.

High Risk Payment Gateways


It is necessary to understand different options which are available, in regards to deciding on a high risk payment gateway. Though there are many businesses offering online enterprises a means to provide and sell their merchandise, don’t assume all payment gateways for high risk businesses is appropriate and dependable enough to spouse up to your business. However there are services which ought to be taken into account when selecting an online payment support for the industry.

A payment gateway is created to connect to your high risk merchant accounts. Everything about your own payment gateway solutions must be safe and effective at delivering data information to the related bank. Most individuals don’t recognize these ecommerce gateways offer much more than merely a method to take cash from the customers. There are important characteristics which are essential to your industry and you should confirm that your high risk payment gateway providers can deliver these choices. Every on-line-based company has to pick a reliable payment gateway service to comprehend their security in order to process transactions securely on the Web.

From the merchants viewpoint things get a bit more complex. These online businesses however, must select and put up an online payment gateway. There are several things in order for them all to contemplate, including what kind of fees they’re prepared to take and what degree of fraud security do they need for their business. Moreover, other characteristics should also be contemplated, for example if these high risk payment gateway merchant account gateway accepts foreign currency or not. For this reason so many companies take integrated payment gateway websites as their very first pick of payment, since it needs little set up time and most of the policies are also integrated, not to mention it mechanically deals with foreign exchange and so on.

High risk payment gateways are usually invisible to the customer and work at the backend to make it more convenient for customers to shop online rather than having to deal with the complexity of the software. This makes it friendlier for merchants business as well.

Online Payment Gateway Solution and E commerce Transactions


E-commerce is an electronic trading that facilitates millions of multi-national and medium level enterprises around the world to sell their products and services online. Integrated payment gateway solutions are creating a revolution and assisting business corporations to add revenue to their bottom line. The online payment system diversified into different facets including credit cards e-checks and click to pay online payments.

The expansion on E-commerce websites demands good online payment gateways. If you are unable to provide your website visitors easy, secured and quick checkouts on your website then it is highly unlikely for them to re-visit your website or use your services. Whether you are into B2B, B2C or C2C the requirement of efficient E-commerce payment system cannot be ignored.

Look beyond apparent online payment services with Contest Payments

When it comes to global online payment gateway for tech support & e-commerce transactions then experienced names are trusted most and Contest payments is one of those names. They offer their high-end quality services in India and USA and specialize in high risk payment gateway solution and offshore merchant accounts.

A quick snippet on Contest Payments services

E commerce Transactions

Global payment gateway for tech support in India

Payment Gateway in US

Off shore merchant accounts

How to get the right Ecommerce solution for your business?

Millions of options apparently lead to a scenario of ambiguity and when it is about deciding the best Ecommerce payment gateway solutions for your business then it is a bit hard. However, a good planning and effective implementation can help you to get on finest payment gateways in India.

Explore more… what people are looking for in online payment gateway

The advent of E-commerce payment solution has a major edge over the conventional payment methods as it is faster, cheaper and offers greater convenience compared to old business transaction systems. It is imperative for businesses to know what people are looking for when they use E-commerce payment system.

Follow the statistics

In one of the Billing Household Survey it was found that people are looking for better ways to make their bill payments online. Another remarkable discovery made through this survey was that more than 50% businesses get paid faster when they accept online payments.

BPO’s are taking profitable leap by implementing payment gateway for technical support

BPO, one of the fastest growing industries throughout the world and India is one country that is known for contributing maximum to its success. There are inbound, outbound, bureaucratic and dedicated services offered by BPOs these days. However, when it comes to E-commerce then selecting unsurpassed payment gateway for BPO is mandatory.

Contest Payments provides global payment gateway for tech support in India that helped innumerable BPOs to manage their online transactions at its best. Apply for online payment process across the world as we are always here to assist. You can reach us at for enquiries on international payment gateway in India for tech support process, E-commerce payment solution and payment gateway in US.

The sky is truly a limit as the evolution of technology and security has enhanced the electronic invoice industry. By considering the best payment gateway for technical support in USA and India you can give your clientele an entirely new experience in online payment solutions.

How to Assure your Payouts in Technical Support Business?


It is surprising to note how much Technical support Business has boomed in India in the past few years. Many aspiring Entrepreneurs have made it Big in this Industry putting in their heart and soul to make sales. Sadly, there are many who failed and crumbled under the pressure of making ends meet. Technical support Industry suffered a huge blow when recently due to the many Fraud cases registered pertaining to pre-payments and companies promising subscription plans but failing to provide them. Thus leading to many Payment Gateways in india shutting down due to the High Charge Backs occurred.

So how do we Assure Pay-outs in this High Risk business??

  • Banks and Processors do not want to bear the High risk and thus implemented Rolling Reserve as a key feature in the transactions. The Rolling reserve is usually a certain percentage (usually between 10-20%) deducted from every transaction. It is kept as a Security Deposit by the Banks/Processor so as to fight any Transaction disputes occurred by the Merchant.

The Time period is usually 6 months for keeping the reserve. The Rolling Reserve starts to come with your pay-outs after 6 months. After which the processor reviews the merchants processing and depending on the report either lowers the Rolling Reserve or Removes it completely.

  • There are also features employed by Payment Gateway processor’s such as Address Verification System (AVS), in which, in-case of a charge back the IP address of the customer is verified.
  • Virtual Signature, the customer digitally signs the CC authorization form and confirms the transaction.
  • Voice Recording System, where the complete Dialogue between Customer and Merchant is recorded for Verification of forced transaction.

If all the above features are implemented then why should a merchant not receive its payments?

Contest Payments works with various processors providing assured payments to its merchants due to the many Risk management embedded systems. Our processors assure it’s merchants of its payout if the Merchant is willing to do a Clean and legit Business and help bring this Industry to Low Risk category.



The Tech Support Industry has become an emerging market to make a good income these days. The simple Business Idea to provide Tech support has become flawed by all those who look to con and conduct fraudulent business.

It has never been more crucial for the customer and the merchant to make well informed decisions so as to re-establish the trust that is lost. Keeping that in mind here are a few things for each the customer and the merchant to implement to ensure the same.

As a customer when we approach a Tech support site we see the various plans of support they offer. Ideally they would differ in either being incidental i.e. one time support or it will be a yearly plan. A key marketing strategy generally employed by the merchant is that they make the yearly support more lucrative than the incident based support by making the customer believe that even though they are paying a little more they would be getting support for a much longer period of time.

In case the Tech support provider is someone you’ve used before, trust and are satisfied with their service should you think of implementing in yearly support plans. If your trying the site for the first time, I urge you not to be duped by this marketing strategy and always opt for incidental based support .

Merchants too stand to benefit immensely from incidental support plans. As a merchant of this industry, the term Charge Back is every merchants foe. Crossing Charge Back shuts the merchants account for gateway on his site and the bank refuses to release payouts.

A Charge Back applied by the customer for one time support can be fought for six months from the day of issue of the service ,hence a yearly plan could be fought for as long as one year six months. This can be quite a nuisance for the bank providing the gateway. In most cases even if the bank agrees to support the gateway for the merchants yearly support plans they will not be able to guarantee payouts as the bank plans for charge backs and tries to cover its risks. So for yearly plans they have to plan longer for charge backs and hence will take even longer to release payouts.  It is why the Tech support business is high risk, it is therefore in the merchant’s best interest as well to provide incidental based support.

Understand how you can be sure to receive your payouts from the gateway processor in the next blog.



The National Board Of Economic Research published a paper in 2012 by Roger Bate, Ginger Zhe Jin and Aparna Mathur which did extensive research on the demand and safety of Online Pharmacy today. The paper provided a very interesting insight. A survey conducted showed among the 2,522 respondents who have purchased prescription medication and are concerned about the price of US pharmaceuticals, results show that 61.54% purchase drugs online and mostly from foreign websites, citing cost saving as the leading reason. Conditional on shopping online, 41.11% check with a credentialing agency.

The price of online pharmacies for brand name drugs is very similar to that of discount card programs, both approximately 12.5% lower than your average neighborhood chemist .Internationally, it was found that Canadian prices for the 100 top-selling brand-name drugs were on average 43% below US prices for the same drugs.

Arguably, the biggest concern of online purchase is safety. Not only can rogue websites peddle fake medication without requiring a prescription, they may also steal consumer information for identity theft.

Both US governments and private certification agencies attempt to address the safety concern but the two approaches are not fully consistent. On the public side, any online pharmacy operating within the US must comply with federal and state regulations, and any personal importation of prescription drugs is technically illegal. However, small amount of importation (no more than 90 day supply for personal use) is rarely enforced. Rather, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publicizes anecdotes of unsafe pharmaceuticals on the Internet and warns consumers against rogue websites (which could be domestic or foreign).

FDA also advises consumers to avoid any foreign website and only make online purchase from the US websites certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

Interestingly, NABP is not the only organization that certifies drug-selling websites. As I mentioned in a previous blog, at least three other agencies (all private) compete in certification and they differ in certification standard, coverage, business model, and even final certification outcomes.

As a customer we must ask these fundamental questions.

  • How do websites vary in price and safety by certification status?
  • Do NABP-certified websites enjoy higher price because they are endorsed by the FDA guidelines?
  • How dangerous are nonNABP-certified websites, even if they are certified by another certification agency?

The answer to this can be found in the previous blog titled ONLINE PHARAMACY: A GAINFUL OPTION THANKS TO CERTIFICATION AGENCIES.






As a Merchant whose starting his business it’s important to be fully aware of the choices he has to make. Payment processing is an essential aspect of any E-commerce business these days.

One can see the various providers for payment gateway be it high risk or low risk all over the internet .The question then becomes which Payment gateway provider would best suit to your business.

These days merchants are getting lured into various payment processing deals which seem lucrative for their low TDR and Low setup fee. Initially things are great the merchant runs transactions, receives his payouts then one day his payouts just stop he’s given no valid justification for the shutting down of his account and all his pending payouts frozen.

At this point for a merchant this can be confusing and evoking, as he/she probably may have conducted valid transactions.

This happens because the merchant were probably unaware and were boarded on a shared account. These accounts are approved for a single merchant only. But the merchant who now has become the provider of the gateway has done so without receiving approval from the bank.

These shared accounts hold multiple merchants and are instantly shut down when the bank realizes they are so. In certain cases say for example if Ten merchants are boarded on a shared account and even if one exceeds the permissible transaction amount or the charge back ratio not only his account is frozen but so are the other nine merchant accounts as well.

Thus when looking for a gateway always ask for a MANAGED AGGREGATED ACCOUNT, it implies that the account is aggregated with bank approval which is completely manageable and  accountable for the one sole merchant conducting business on it.